About Us

Tukee‘s Tamales is owned and operated by Chef Caprice Moreno, who is born from Immigrants of Leon Guanajuato and Guadalajara Mexico. She’s the 1st generation born in the United States. Taking inspiration from her Nana Celia, Caprice takes great pride in not cutting any corners in her cooking and making flavorful dishes that represent her culture and passion. You’ll taste the love in every dish.

Chef Caprice has traveled extensively through Mexico and has added more to her repertoire of cultural dishes. For example, Mole Poblano! Which has become an all time favorite for her regulars. Caprice's best friend Jessica Ruiz is her right-hand cook and sous chef in the kitchen. They make a true dynamic duo that ensures every dishes displays the same loving care that is the standard for Tukee's Tamales.

Caprice’s three adult sons Michael, Jonathan, Brandon and, her daughter-in-law Jasmine are very involved in Tukee's Tamales; providing the love, support and, inspiration she needs as she continues to grow her business and overcome challenges.

Our mission is to provide you with a meal that will do more than fill up your stomach; we want it to fill up your soul, inspire you and, create a new experience. We believe that food brings people together and creates healing so, we seek to provide an element of that for you and your family as it has for ours.

Thank you for getting to know us. We hope to get to know you as well!