Our Story

Our Story and Mission

Tukee's Tamales is a small family business that originates with roots from Leon Guanajuato and Jalisco Mexico. We pride ourselves with many original recipes of true Cultural Mexican Food. Made from all natural ingredients, recipes that start with the chopping of all fresh ingredients, not canned! We do not cut corners and when you taste our Tamales you'll notice the difference. We have recipes that have been passed down 6 generations old.

Chef Caprice Gouveia has traveled extensively through Mexico and cooked side by side with many women from different villages and small towns of Cuernavaca, Jojutla , and Guerrero, Mexico. However she expresses that the biggest gift ever given to her was the hands on training she received from her Grandmother Celia Estrada. "From a very young age I've lived in the kitchen," says Chef Caprice. "My Nana Celia was in the kitchen 5-6 hours a days creating a feast for dinner everyday and I had no choice but to help if I wanted to eat ! "

Tukee's Tamales commenced their small family operation in the welcoming community of Ahwatukee AZ, where they currently reside. It all started with their once-a-year seasonal Tamale offers back in 2014. Every year, she made 100's of Tamales with the help of her husband Eric Gouveia from Detroit MI. She trained him on real Tamale making. Now he's a real pro at it! Ahwatukee has been receptive and truly loved our food. "Customers wanted more then Tamales," they said . That's when the idea was born. Caprice & Eric stay loyal to Ahwatukee with exclusive offers for their community with their occasional pop-ups with an ever changing menu that they offer Ahwatukee.

In May of 2017, Tukee's Tamales won the award (award-winning) from ASU Prepped Food for First Place (among 25 other chefs)!

We truly enjoy sharing our passion of food through our food.... such as Mole Poblano , Carne Adobado, Chile Rellenos, Tamales, Cochinita Pibil and Chile Colorado.

Our Mission is to create an unforgettable, overwhelming experience through the flavors of our food and our attention to detail in our customer service.